NumbersUSA Advertisement: WTF? People Can Take Jobs, But They Also Create Them

Daddy, what’s a wedge issue?

It’s an issue that causes people who were standing together to separate and oppose each other. AKA “divide and conquer.”

Illegal immigration, gay rights, and English-only laws are examples of wedge issues used in the past. They are almost exclusively a right wing thing.

NumbersUSA, an anti-immigrant group, has an ad campaign running on television based on two government statistics. The ad cites no legislation – it’s just saying “damn these immigrants!” It also may be trying to hurt support for Obama, since the ad will only run through the election and everyone in it is black.

All wedge issues die when a prejudice becomes unfashionable and tolerance more acceptable. The best argument I can offer against this ad is “Yes, people take jobs, and they also create them!”

NumbersUSA race-baiting America: It won’t amount to any good

MORE InfoNumbers USA : Right-Wing Watch

“This is absolutely horrible and the numbers are inaccurate. —a Black American”

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