The 23rd Annual Fresno Reel Pride LGBT Film Festival Day 3

Another big day at the film festival.
Best film of the day was the big hearted lesbian movie “A Perfect Ending” that touched on many issues women who work in the “sex industry” have faced in their lives (having been molested, suffering eating disorders, doing drugs). I know about that hustling life – I’ve seen it during my stint living in the Tower – it totally changed my mind about what I used to think of it – that it was the “victimless crime.” I saw hustling eat people alive.
After the show the director encouraged the girls of the audience to have strength to not sell their bodies – and that motivated the movie being made. They then asked the audience to “Woman up!” and bid for an original copy of the movie script – the whole bid going right back to the Film Festival. My jaw dropped when those women got the price up to $500! The organizers got nervous when the price cruised past $850. The cast of the movie was there – they were so impressed they threw in breakfast with just them the following morning to the winning bid.
By the way, you might notice some of the moviestar names in the lesbian film, like Morgan Fairchild. The film can be viewed on Netflix.

I didn’t get to see the movie “Trans” – rave reviews gushed from the audience as they left the theater. I opted for “Invisible Men,” an Israeli movie about the strange political realities of being gay and Palestinian. To Israel, you’re the enemy by birthright if you come from the West Bank because of the armed intefedah and the 1967 war. In Palestine, getting discovered can lead to a family murdering you. Many cases yearly are documented. Three Palestinian gay men on the run shared their stories. They would get deported back to the West Bank, and it’s hard to believe, but they are being looked for like known spies, enemies of the state. When the Israeli police dump them at the border, they have to quickly find a way back to Tel-Aviv, the best place to hide in all the Middle East. However, within Israel are Israeli Arabs – their section of Tel-Aviv is Jaffa. Israeli Arabs function as pretty much a separate enclaves – except without the walls. Gay Palestinians can’t run to Jaffa to “blend in.” There is communication between Israeli Arabs and Palestinians ones. Gay Palestinians who have been outed at home can only hide among the Jews. Breathtakingly powerful and thorough documentary. A must see. “Invisible Men.” Facebook:

Final movie of the day was for the newest community within the gay community to get its own annual show – the bears – big men, hairy men, who form a unique subculture. “Bear Party II” is sequel to “Bear Party.” In November, the film will be available as a $5 download, and it was a good one, a tender drama centering around the way many gay men like to be free to be adventurous and those who want marriage and no fooling around at all, and how the couples dealt with it. The backdrop is an annual bear pilgrimage to Provincetown, America’s premier gay vacation spot, and the parents of a young man are along witness a gay marriage. Very sweet. Facebook:

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