Is Mitt Romney a White Supremacist?

Is Mitt Romney a white supremacist or just an idiot?

Mitt Romney bumbled into two racial stereotypes at once during his supposedly pre-presidential tour of the world today, Monday, July 30. Noting that Palestinian per-capita GDP is half that of Israel’s (actually it’s $1,500 compared to Israel’s $31,000), Romney said he believed Jewish cultural superiority is why Israel thrives and Palestinians are a failure. His “compliment” hit accidentally on the “Jews and money” stereotype, while calling Palestinian culture inferior. The Palestinian Authority responded quickly: Jews and Arabs are just people, neither superior nor inferior, and the economic disparity is explained by other factors.
It is important to note simplistic observations about nation, race and accomplishment leave out a lot of factors. Racism is false social construct with roots in centuries of oppression that are a part of human cultural history.
When Palestinian outrage seemed to knock Romney off his feet, he tried to explain further what he was saying, afraid that nobody was getting it. He said he also believed Mexican culture is the reason why Mexicans don’t have the economy of the United States of America, that Ecuador is not as advanced as Chile – Ecuador is a country with a Native South American majority. And so on. Culture, race, genetics, heritage and genealogy impact national and human success according to the racial model. The Palestinians who were offended should also see themselves, according to the racial model, superior to others as well, and so on through the entire human milieu.

Which brings up what could be the hidden meaning in Mitt Romney’s campaign slogan, “Believe in America.” Believe in the people that made America so successful – the Americans that came from Europe. Barack Obama is fundamentally an African, not an American, would go typical white supremacist thinking.

Then why is Barack Obama so much more capable than Mitt Romney? Barack Obama’s talents at managing a difficult economy in challenging times turns the entire racial model into a joke. And don’t worry about what would happen if Mitt Romney were elected President. It would be a disaster for Americans and people all around the world.

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