High-End Socialism Update

High end socialism is for people in the world’s leading industrial democracies.
High end socialism is universal healthcare, education, daycare, paid vacations, pensions and housing, and no overspending on military matters.
High end socialism is seen in very rich industrial countries like France, Japan, England, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Canada.
High-end Socialism®. Luxury socialism. No class war, just high class.™
And now the update.
High end socialist country Germany is currently the world’s hottest economy! Right in the middle of a global recession and not long after reunification, they have pulled it off! But how? High end socialism, that’s how!
About 40% of German workers are in a labor union compared to 16% USA, and 95% Finland. Germany used to have 70% unionized, back when they were West Germany. Labor stats show their union membership decline is still in progress but has slowed down. Many German workers today are “temporaries.” That probably means they can be easily laid off, like American workers without a union job, while permanent status carries with it obligations to the worker from the company.
(USA maxed out at only 30% in unions but would have had a lot more had the US government not acted to ban unions in federal government jobs way back in the 1940s.)
Come what may, losing employment does not mean losing healthcare in Germany, a universal healthcare country. Fine, top-shelf socialism is all about that.
Germany’s über-rich are exempted from having to participate in their healthcare system, which helps Germany be more “business-friendly.” Germany has no capital gains tax either. Yet they have high end socialism.
Canada isn’t that rich-friendly I mean business-friendly. All Canadians must be part of their healthcare system, and pay their fair share for it. Despite that, Canadians are leading the world economy with the Germans! Per capita Canadians now earn more money than Americans, and their wealth is only growing.
In fact, I used to read about how “Canadians don’t have the same high standard of living as Americans.” Now that is no longer true. High-end socialism is why. Your tax dollars at work.
It is therefore recommended that the United States adopt a vigorous regimen of high end socialism for its deserving people by expanding the Medicare program to all AND Social Security benefits to more. Pay for it with defense cuts.
It’s good for Canadian goose. It would be great for the American gander.
So, let’s do it, eh?

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