Eric Holder, Poster Boy

Roughly 100,000 Americans are shot each year, of which 30,000 die of their wounds. Three deaths every hour. The American left wing, Democrats, Eric Holder, etc., are getting blamed for not controlling guns enough, for in fact pushing guns, making guns look bad, which could lead to more public support of gun control, which would satisfy left wing desires. The right wingers suddenly believe gun control is actually good for both preserving the 2nd amendment and reducing gun violence by reducing the negative aspects of their presence in American society. They are holding Eric Holder responsible for a program started under the Bush Administration dubbed “The Fast and the Furious,” since he didn’t stop it when the Bush people left office in 2008. The “fast and furious” program supplied crime gangs in Mexico with American gun products. Normally they’d just use black market Russian Kalishnikovs aka AK-47’s.

The right wing is right. A Constitutionally-compliant, conservative (as opposed to radical), but reasonably effective gun control program Americans can honestly support will dramatically impact the level of gun violence and soften calls for outright gun bans. Mayor Bloomberg has pleaded with President Obama for support for such reductions in gun violence through enforcement of existing laws, through tougher policies and by introducing legislation to bring back the old Brady Law and making it permanent. Other American right wing activists and leaders have adopted Eric Holder as their poster child for everything that’s wrong with gun control policy today. They also have a hope that if they can use this issue to weaken Eric Holder’s political standing, they can blunt his attempts to curb republican voter suppression efforts in many states across the United States, particularly Florida, a crucial swing state for the upcoming Presidential election.

This week, in fact, with the sound of right wing radio crackling across the land, a Republican-dominated subcommittee or committee of the House of Representatives, the lower house of the American Congress, the legislative body in the United States of America, a government structure presiding over a society of homo sapiens sapiens, animals belonging to the “great ape” family, known as a nation, founded a little over 200 years ago in the Western Hemisphere of the planet earth, recommended Eric Holder be held in contempt of Congress, which means, well, I have no idea what that means.

It’s just bad. A bad thing, I tell you. Bad. It’s like huge “saddy face” next to your name in the grade book inside Teacher’s desk. It’s like a yellow card in a football match. A warning issued by the home plate umpire. A shot over the bow of an enemy warship.

Eric Holder, the Poster Boy of the entire “center left of American Politics” is facing a right wing insurrection over lack of gun control. Oh, also, Eric Holder is enforcing the Voting Rights Act in places like Florida, where the Governor there is trying to purge legitimate voters off the voting rolls among populations that tend to vote Democratic. That is a major reason, the actual reason, Attorney General Eric Holder must be held accountable for “The Fast and the Furious!” If not that, then something else will be found to hold him accountable for.

Imagine if Eric Holder had shut down the “fast and furious” program the minute he heard about it in briefings about current programs and policies in place under the auspices of the Office of Attorney General. Imagine if he had acted to stop it. That would have been interrupting a current sting operation. Not normal procedure. Holder, after all, in such briefings, would have been assured the sting was being conducted by the best and the brightest in the field. But imagine he stopped it anyway, and news got out.

It would have been seen as gun control.

Remember the last group of Democrats in Congress who tried to control guns? Exactly. I don’t either. They weren’t even there long enough to leave behind a hair sample!

My “conspiracy theory” about how “fast and furious” came to be in the first place is gun manufacturers were eager to tap the crime syndicate market. Crime syndicates currently got their weapons from elsewhere, like Russia, from the black market, and the American manufactures who had to abide laws and treaties, were missing out. So together with supporters inside the Bush Administration, they cooked up a cockamamie scheme under which they could begin supplying arms to the burgeoning crime gang market with American products.

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