Strengthen Social Security – No Cuts

Dear politicians so eager to satisfy your billionaire friend. Stop saying “We must get entitlements under control or our nation will be bankrupt!” It is powerful and misleading language.
You may know, probably you don’t, that Americans between age 55 and 65 already gave up their benefits in the early 1980s. It was done in the name of “saving Social Security.” All the money saved by that cut went directly to tax cuts.
Say to your non-billionaire constituents that we Americans should restore Social Security benefits to everyone age 55 and older. In other words, lower the age back to where it was.
The reason we must is because not all your constituents have the luxury of living longer. If you worked in janitorial, roofing, plumbing, firefighting, agriculture or other occupations of hard labor high exposure to chemicals, asbestos, dust and smoke, you generally don’t live as long as judges, professors, doctors, musicians or other white collar jobs where the increasing longevity has been seen. The truth is raising the age of Social Security and Medicare was a cynical attempt to cash in on the deaths of blue collar workers.
Another way of cutting social security is to turn it into means-tested direct assistance for the elderly. This will force the elderly working class who have little or no private retirement savings into a humiliating and degrading welfare application system.
Social Security is not a handout. It is paid back automatically. It was always coming to you, if you lived to see the day. You lived and you earned it. Take away that dignity and that is not Social Security.
So, how does Social Security become solvent? Just raise the income cap for the Social Security tax. It’s been stuck at the same level for decades, actually raising less funds every year due to inflation.

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