The Dream Act

The Dream Act allows children of illegals who grew up in the US a path toward citizenship. GOP leaders who supported it decided to block passage so long as Obama held the office of President to make him unpopular with Latino voters. Obama retaliated by granting a reprieve to those who otherwise would have qualified under the Dream Act, which at one time was on the fast track to becoming law.

The GOP considers their support of the Dream Act as conditional, and for Democrats it’s unconditional. I see the President as putting his foot down and saying “enough!!” Republicans see him as violating their conditions for support and therefore giving them no choice but to be crybabies.

The GOP in retaliation will probably withdraw all their possible future support for the Dream Act. They will walk away from it permanently now. Hence, Obama drove the wedge! But in reality, once they decided to block it, they weren’t ever going to support it again. Since that time, the Tea Party emerged and chased all moderation away from the GOP.

Like the bill, the policy now calls for this group of young people to complete service in the military with an honorable discharge and/or complete four years of college. If they do not do 1 or the other, they will lose their eligibility to remain in the United States. Cuts to education have made college harder to get into, however. Unless higher education cuts get reversed, competition for college admission and financial aid will increase as a result of the new Dream Act-inspired policy. The competition for jobs will also increase.

Education and jobs are more important than ever now that this policy is in place. Americans have to stop messing around with tax cuts and get serious about restoring education and civil service jobs from coast to coast.

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