President Obama’s Ohio Speech of June 14, 2012

[updated 6/15/2012]
Romney did his best to disrupt disbursement of this Barack Obama speech, staging his Ohio appearance at the same time. This important Barack Obama speech was aimed at his 2008 supporters, a mix of independents that left the Republican Party to support him as well as his base, that groundswell that rocketed him into office, to let them know where he stood and was going.

He needs that groundswell of voters, volunteers and donors back. But he must realize he was calling some of them bad names (“whiners” and worse words were used) for much of his Presidency. Can he get them back? I think he can. One of those “whiners” was me. Look at me. Here I am, advocating for his re-election. I don’t think I was whining. He said “hold my feet to the fire” many times, letting us know that he had to be badgered into keeping his promises. Then he got mad when we tried to hold his feet. So he must’ve not meant it, at least not for his base. Maybe he was talking to those independents, which is strange. Independents don’t do things like hold anyone’s feet to a fire. When they’re not impressed, they just head for the exits.

For the most part, it was a well-recieved speech. Lasting about an hour, it covered his plan for the future and present economy of the United States. It addressed 5 or 6 issue areas affecting the economic health of the United States and its middle class: 1. Education 2. Clean energy 3. Innovation and research 4. Infrastructure and 5. Tax reform (rich pay their fair share, outsourcing gets penalized).

Link to video of the speech. Apologies for the audio – the mic he’s speaking into somehow was not coming through.

Whenever he speaks to his supporters, there are the awkward moments. Like on energy, when as soon as he was speaking about clean, green energy to cheers, he suddenly works in the importance of domestic gas extraction. In otherwords, fracking. And once again President Obama gave lip service for domestic clean coal, and clean coal does not exist and never will. Coal is coal. Dirty. The audience mutters in discomfort and there’s a smattering of very enthusiastic applause from supporters of fossil fuel extraction and/or his staffers trying to remind the crowd to cheer all the lines — Romney’s watching.

So be it — that’s the energy policy. And believe it or not, it’s probably just as well to just let that battle be a lost one.

The President has maintained that his energy policy is set in stone. But waiting to pounce is Romney. To remind Obama of the risk of solar and wind, Gov. Romney appeared a day or so earlier in front of the ruins of Solyndra, the solar panel manufacturer that failed despite receiving federal help and a Presidential tour. Any mishap with alternative energy can and will be exploited, the president was reminded.

There’s no getting around the fact that the fossil fuel energy industry is too strong to take on at this time. If you want any program for alternative energy, you will have to include with it unprecedented permission to frack, drill and build pipeline, with no pollution regulations, or have to settle for no alternative energy program at all. (You’re reminded of the industry’s strength and influence constantly. You’ve seen the ads on TV probably. Ads like these ones: Link: nd Link:

Over the weekend the right wing will cover and characterize this particular speech. We’ll see what they come up with.

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