Tax Smokers for Cancer Research in California tomorrow with a YES on Proposition 29

Secondhand smoke. First hand smoke. Esophagus cancer. Lung Cancer. Heart disease. COPD. Butts, wrappers and cartons. Forest fires. Apartment fires. Smell like shit. AYFKM? YES on 29 tomorrow!! YES on 29!! VOTE YES. TAX SMOKERS. IF I SMOKE, TAX ME.

Cigarette taxes, regressive taxation and morality legislation
I have by and large quit smoking – hardest thing to quit EVER. Still to this day maintain a pack on hand for when the jones get too strong. But when I smoked 2-3 packs a week I can remember having cigarettes decide for me what to do with the last of my money for the week, especially after my fellow non-smokers would outvote me at the polls. I used to always vote no on cig taxes. But the taxes always passed — overwhelmingly. The prices forced me to consider quitting. So I gave it a shot. It sputtered at first but I got hints of what it was like to be free, and after relapsing (sometimes as long as a year and a half) would quit again. After my first full year smoke free, suddenly I was able to throw away that Advair prescription!
Best of all, I no longer look at a pack with 3 cigs left with utter anxiety. I no longer cough all the time. I can exercise more now because I have more breath. Now I would gladly have cigarette taxes do something good – fight cancer.

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