…And the rest is history!

This day in Dodgers history! In 1960, Sandy Koufax pitched a 1-hitter shutout of the Pittsburgh Pirates for the LA Dodgers at Forbes Field, Pittsburgh. Impressive outing for Koufax.
In 1895, the Louisville Colonels forfeited an NL home game to the Brooklyn Grooms (later known as the Brooklyn Dodgers) because they ran out of baseballs. Two great road wins. Way to win ’em on the road, boys!
The National League of 1895, in addition to the Brooklyn Grooms and Louisville Colonels, also had the New York Giants, Baltimore Orioles, Cleveland Spiders, Boston Beaneaters, Cincinnati Reds, St. Louis Browns, Pittsburgh Pirates, Washington Senators, Chicago Colts and the Philadelphia Phillies – the Phillies being longest continuously operating baseball team in the same city with the same name. It’s even still in the same league! The Yankees are represented on this list of 1895 National League teams. The team that would become known as the New York Yankees by 1913 is the Baltimore Orioles of the NL!
You’re saying – WAIT, the Baltimore Orioles are still playing in Baltimore, and they aren’t in the NL – they are in the American League, the AL. NOPE, those AL Baltimore Orioles are a completely different Baltimore Orioles!
You’re saying – BUT WAIT, the Yankees are AL, how could these 1895 NL Orioles be the same team that became known as the Yankees by 1913? The NL version of the Orioles got cut when the league contracted in 1900. Three teams had to go, and Baltimore didn’t make the cut. The Baltimore Orioles, who kicked everybody’s ass in 1895 and won the Pennant by the way, were without a league just 5 years later and up for sale. Two New Yorkers came along and bought the team, moved it to New York, took 3 years overcoming attempts to block its move to New York City launched by the New York Giants who considered NY their territory.
The American League and National League both had a foothold in New York City in 1903, so 1903 was the first year the two Pennant winners from each league played each other to determine which league’s winner was really the best in a series called of games called The World Series!
Those Orioles, I mean Highlanders, I mean YANKEES would not appear in this World Series until 1921, losing to the then-mightiest team in baseball, the Giants (who now reside in San Francisco). The Dodgers (as Brooklyn Robins) got into the World Series in 1913. They would lose the World Series and shame the National League 7 times before winning their first one in 1955.
So what I’m trying to say is, GO DODGERS!

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