Get the drones out of the sky. And apologize.

Apologize for our hegemony? Won’t happen. I’m opposed to hegemony. But everybody who can do it does it – so why apologize. It is perfectly acceptable behavior. We aren’t alone. Everybody in the world shares an interest in global stability. We don’t allow for revolution and chaos to create new regimes that may not be friendly and that ensures a good economy at home. To serve that end, we send money, weapons and soldiers to remote parts of the globe to put down movements.
Hegemony is when a powerful country controls an entire region to protect its interests there. Hegemony happens quite naturally. Say an entire region is oil-rich. You want to have friendly countries in control of the area so your access to oil is kept open, because that affects your economy and the fortunes of your leaders.
Recently in world history a major movement emerged to protest and fight back against US and European hegemony: the al-Qaida terrorism campaign.
The position of the United States in stating its opposition to al-Qaidas’s message is we have that right as a mighty nation to defend our interests. We can prop up repressive regimes. We need them to control your country to protect the resources we need to have available for our economy. We lost one such regime, when the Shah of Iran fell in 1979 to a sworn enemy, an anti-US Shi’ite Islamist government founded by Ayatollah Khomeini. But years later we would invade Iraq to topple what we called a rogue dictator, Saddam Hussein, who attempted to conquer neighboring countries that were US friends. It was okay for him to attack Iran. In fact, we helped him with that a little bit. Since the fall of the Shah of Iran, no US allies have fallen, at least not completely. The US supports the dictators who are loyal to the US.
With so many dictators in the Middle East in various countries, Al Qaida emerged as a way to raise an enemy army without the need for a regime change. Rather than a national unity under a flag, al-Qaida established a sense of unity under a religion. After sustaining a series of devastating attacks by al-Qaida, the USA devised a way to fight this organization and that resulted in the GWOT – the Global War On Terror. All the “peace-loving countries” (Friends of the USA) were required to support and in some way participate. Dictators that didn’t cooperate would lose their foreign aid and risk getting overthrown. Our bases and drones gained access quite easily to the countries of the Middle East.
This assertion of hegemony is our right, we insist. We like to say we shall never apologize for taking control. It’s what anyone would do.
Get the drones out of the sky. Apologize.

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