Barack Obama needs to get himself on the right side of history

Barack Obama isn’t alone – the whole of his opinions and initiatives present a picture of the incredible stagnation of the entire Center Left and Center Right. These types of politicians who always seek a mainstream or center have created a philosophy not to be innovators and change-makers, but rather the purveyors of the Great American Malaise. Banning lobbyists, establishing a public option for health insurance, ending endless wars and occupations of other countries, eliminating tax loopholes, strengthening Wall Street regulation — even going to Mars — may all be popular causes. None will clear a committee.
The winds of history demand change, these politicians even talk about it, these politicians get into to office and they block it. The ones who don’t, you know what happens to them. They become Dennis Kucinich, Ron Paul, Bernie Sanders.

I have here 3 quotes on Gay Marriage by center-left and center-right politicians.
“I think it goes too far.” — Bill Clinton, mid 1990s
“I believe that marriage is the union between a man and a woman.” — Barack Obama, 2008
“I certainly don’t have any problem with it.” — Dick Cheney, 2011
Two of the quotes were by centrists in office or seeking office. The last was by a politician who resigned from politics.
I saw a photo on Facebook of two lovers in college from two different countries grieving because neither home country they are from will allow a marriage to keep them together once a student visa runs out.

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