Dave’s Minimum Wage Village

If I were a developer, I’d build something Fresno desperately needs: an non “Title 8” residential complex for minimum wage earners. Fresno suffers from a horrible phenomenon: employers here want to employ people for low wages, but apartment renters only want to house those who can afford $700 to $1000 a month rent. At minimum wage working full time, the best you can really do is about $350 a month. Well, no landlord will let somebody move in at cost that low anymore. Not when Section 8 housing assistance pays so much more. So what you wind with all over Fresno is two kinds of apartments. Those full of residents who can afford the rent and those full of disruptive Section 8 tenants.

I would like to build “Dave’s Minimum Wage Village!” A place for those who work, but are underpaid. If you work, you shouldn’t have to live alongside drug dealers, prostitutes, junkies and those on mental disability. I would just require my tenants get their money from legitimate employment and not generate complaints about poor hygiene (I’ve lived next door to filthy apartment tenants before – no fun!). No hustlers, no government assistance tenants, and even if you do work, you have to be respectful toward your neighbors to stay. You can live with neighbors who work for a living. Oh, yes: roommates pay their rents separately, so the bad roommate doesn’t get the good one evicted.

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