Annual Celebration of “Passion!”

If you know your history, tomorrow is the day one of the greatest Roman musicals ever staged, “Passion!,” took place in Jerusalem. It would play only once in its day, but develop a worldwide following as a revival production. The script called for the lead actor’s life to be sacrificed on stage in the role of Jesus, a guy who started a new cult called the Bread-Breakers but met a bloody downfall just when his cult was about to go big and become a great religion known the world over. It was a self-fulfilling prophecy, for this musical, likewise, was expected by Jollywood, home of the Jesrusalem musicals industry, to be a big hit, when unexpectedly during the first show, the just-killed actor of Jesus became a zombie and walked off the set, leading the city citizens to parade the producers of the musical through town in thorn crowns and nail them to wooden crucifixes, ending the musical as a genre for two thousand years.

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