Here they go again. Playing on your fears, coddling you, waving that flag to make you feel safe. The politicians’ act unfortunately never gets old with you sensitive, change-shy people. Is it change to cut (raise the age of eligibility for) Medicare and Social Security? Don’t be sold on regression as change. Change is progressive. That’s what we really fear – progress, something that once committed to, cannot be undone. In America, it’s the fear of a welfare state, a change once committed to, says goodbye to the frontier America of old forever.
And these fears have made us a very wimpy people about going forward with change. Always in need of somebody to coddle our frets rather than coax us out of Egypt, as it were. HOW LONG has it been since we actually ratified an Amendment to the Constitution?
Oh! 1992. That’s fairly recent. I haven’t a clue what it could be, since I know the previous 27th Amendment, the Equal Rights Amendment, didn’t get ratified. Everyone was so scared of that one.
Amendment 27. Originally proposed in 1789, ratified in 1992. Delays pay increases Congress votes itself from taking effect until the next Congress is seated.
Well, gee. The problem with Congress is lobbyists, not what they get paid for doing what they are supposed to be doing. The lobbyists swoop in and pay them to be doing what they are not supposed to be doing: selling out America to the highest bidder. A REAL amendment would ban corporate personhood, money as speech, super pacs and all lobbying and force them to serve those who voted for them, as equals.
Yeah, that would be a REAL amendment, a progressive amendment. Something so bold it’s taking us as a people somewhere new, somewhere promising, and forward in fact.
A good indicator something is progressive is it becomes challenging to us we revert to being wimpy.
The Women’s Equal Rights Amendment has always been stymied by questions of American worry and fret. What if a church wants to discriminate? Will bathrooms be unisex? Always with the worries and the questions. Freedom of Religion protects churches. Right to privacy allows for public bathrooms to stay sex separated, except an ERA might for the first time make sure women’s rooms have enough toilets! Imagine that.
Oh, no. Out come the flags.

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