Determine Who Wins The Election From Behind The Wheel

Supply and demand. War talk by the USA, Israel and Iran. And market speculation. Among the key items affecting gas prices. Obama? Romney? Not so much.
But perception is everything, and since Barack Obama is the President of the United States, he appears to be at fault for the incredibly high gas prices we are experiencing this March, 2012, as they have occurred under his watch. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is a challenger and as such is not at fault, technically, for the high gas prices, although his Iran war talk could be exerting subtle upward pressure on gas prices. He can say he has an energy plan that would fix those high gas prices. He can claim anything. He’s only speaking speculatively, since’s he not actually the President.
President Obama’s fortunes are tied a great deal to gas prices. “Pain at the pump.”
My fellow motorists, if we favor Barack obama, we wish gas prices would fall so the economy could get back on its feet. But if we favor Mitt Romney, even though we also wish prices would fall and the economy bounce back faster, high prices are like the proverbial dark cloud with a shiny silver lining. They will make Barack Obama a one term President. Motorists, we can control which way the election goes using our own market force: our driving!
To raise gas prices, waste gas.
Republicans, a lot of you are rich. You can afford a big SUV, RV, Hummer, and to pay for gas. At Full Serve Prices. Republicans, you need to drive for Romney. You need to see the USA in a big, huge Chevrolet. Exclusively drive the largest vehicle you own. Let some air out of the tires, and tow a camper around for cryin’ out loud. For vacation, rent an RV as well and drive up mountains. Get out there in the streets in a hot rod, doing donuts in parking lots and drag racing in the country. Use a vehicle to go anywhere, even a block to drop off some mail, and always use routes with left turns to get where you’re going. Always drive 20 MPH over the speed limit. Tailgate. Use the drive through. Try to work it out that you need to refill your tank every 4 days. To get Romney elected, use as much gas as you can to make prices high, causing President Obama to look bad.
To lower gas prices, conserve gas.
Democrats, finding every conceivable way to stretch your mileage out is your key to victory. By saving gas, you are reducing demand and will cause downward pressure on gas prices. Put that large vehicle you have under a tarp and use your smallest, most fuel efficient vehicle. Or buy one. Honda Fit, perhaps? Ford makes some very fuel efficient sedans. Maybe you ought to splurge for a Chevy Volt. Some 300 MPG that car gets! Plan a cross country vacation by rail. Every day, drive 5 MPH below the speed limit. Use routes to get around town that utilizes as many right turns as possible. You can work it out with driving habits alone that you add an extra week or more per gas tank to the driving range of a single fill-up. And you will re-elect President Obama.
To elect Romney, between now and November 2012, speed up!
To elect Obama, between now and November 2012, slow down.

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