Super pac. It’s a negative ad generating machine funded by unlimited amounts anonymous political contributions from both individuals of any income level and corporations and any kind and size, including multi-national. It threatens what’s left of democracy in the US. Hope is not seeing the start-up of the Barack Obama super pac, Priorities USA. Hope would be seeing every American of the 99% overwhelming the cops in the streets and threatening to tear down every institution that stands in the way. But Americans haven’t had the balls to amend their Constitution since the 1920s, when it ended Prohibition.

Dear David,

Thank you for your generous contribution to Priorities USA Action. Priorities USA Action is an Independent Expenditure organization that supports candidates who will advance policies that provide the strongest and most sound outcomes for middle class families.

Your early support is critical to our mission and will ensure that we have the resources to fight back.

To learn more about our organization, please visit us at and email us with questions at

With sincere thanks,
The Priorities USA Action Team

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