The West Coast Drought Is Back Already?

Sea Surface Temperatures in the equatorial Pacific are in the cold phase of the cycle of La Niña/ El Niño. El Niño is hot and encourages storms, La Niña is cold and encourages calm. A La Niña means that the Equatorial Pacific has successfully released all the heat it once had, ending its last El Niño. Typically, this process does not die until the sea down there has been cooled off a lot. The cold phase is life saving for coral reefs and other sea life, as when the water remains too hot, the coral dies and nasty red tides pollute the sea. Yesterday’s analysis seen below shows a huge La Niña of colder-than-normal waters along the equator and in the waters on the east side of the Pacfic.

Blue = colder than normal, Dark blue= way colder than normal Green=normal Yellow=slightly warmer than normal Orange= rather warmer than normal Red= way hotter than normal.
The equatorial Pacific being quite cold right now invites less agitation between the equatorial and polar air masses, thus less storms this winter for California and other West Coast locales along the long coast of the Americas. During the calm, the heat will slowly get recharged until the air exchange between the equatorial and polar regions gets restarted. Until then, the sea will be in a recharging phase. So West coast USA, enjoy this “cold weather summer” you’re having. No storms anywhere headed your way, you may plan mountain hikes, beach gatherings, flea market shopping. Seriously – same conditions as July, without the heat. The heat will soon arrive, however, with the change of the seasons, perhaps sooner rather than later. The ONLY reason it’s cold right now here in California is cold, dry air from the inland mountain basin seeps down when Pacific storm activity is absent. Otherwise, it would quite balmy right now. That seepage will cut off soon, though. That’s only a winter thing.
About that eastern half of the USA “fake springtime.” Normally also when Pacific storm activity is weak the bitterly cold Alberta Clipper brings sub-zero temperatures to the eastern side of the USA. This isn’t happening now. There is an absence of Alberta Clippers. This is something entirely different and I would invite commentary on this.
It have to approve comments. I know that sucks, but comment on this anyway. Let’s talk weather.

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