Is This Why President Obama Has No Republican Support?

“The political will of the minority caucus in the Senate to destroy the President is so strong, it means going after anything that has his name on it.” Chris Hays of MSNBC. How this happened, the theory goes, and this is the theory pushed by Jon Stewart on “The Daily Show,” is those who strongly supported Bush and the Iraq war see red over one day in 2008, when Barack and Hillary were locked in a tight race for Democratic nomination, they scrambled to work out a way to vote “NO” on extending funding for the Iraq War, but at the same time be assured the bill would pass without their votes. The left was pushing a no vote on funding the war so hard the candidates could not afford to vote for it, but those who weren’t running for President could. When the vote was called, Obama and Hillary Clinton cast “NO” votes, but the bill passed.
The left wing didn’t get the result they wanted, the war was funded for another year, but Obama and Hillary could go back to the campaign trail without having to face irate leftist primary voters. Obama now resents the left wing for effectively forcing him into direct conflict with the hard right over the war issue. That’s why whenever leftists confront him, he snaps with the harshest words he has for any group in the political world. And that vote is also why whenever Barack Obama tries to fix the economy, he is told he will never have any help, and is informed if he really wants something to be done for America, he needs to just get out of the way, to vacate his seat. “The door is over there. Use it.”
So Barack Obama got nominated, there was a General Election, and he won it. He is now President of the United States. America’s first President of color. But he will not be given the luxury of working with Republicans.
Something doesn’t has me convinced of this argument.

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