Herman Cain: A Real Republican Hero

Herman Cain is an unsung Republican hero, until recently. He’s no Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton, who have no real qualifications to be U.S. President other than the basic requirements. But Herman Cain, he’s self-made, brilliant and accomplished from the military to Wall Street. He has every qualification for the job. He’s extremely conservative and I don’t like him, which makes him even more qualified to win a GOP nod than he already is. He favors the death penalty, hates the idea of taxing the wealthy and is very hostile towards any reform movements that seek to make life easier on those who aren’t so well off. He’s a “tough cookies” guy on the poor, and makes no apologies. He’s African-American, the American Dream in full realization.
He does not like Rick Perry very much. It seems neither does anybody in the GOP in the running. They’ve sought any reason to kick Perry out of the race as soon as he got in. Herman Cain especially seems turned off by Governor Rick Perry of Texas.
Rick Perry took a licking recently for saying he was for the Dream Act, which allows children of illegal immigrants who came here with their parents to earn their way to US citizenship rather than be deported to what is essentially a foreign country to them. That’s not very GOP of Rick Perry, and those audience booers have let him know that. Record death penalty executions under his Texas governorship, even of those who appeared to be innocent of their crimes, now THAT was very GOP, as the same audiences have let him know with their cheers. But his soft side had him in trouble.
Herman Cain is not soft on immigration. And he’s a huge Republican hero for his behind-the-scenes role in defeating the Clinton healthcare reform bill in 1994. And he’s quite conservative on gay rights. A little respect for Herman?
Recently he shared the hot seat with the entire GOP candidates panel at a debate for ignoring boos at a question from a gay soldier played to the audience via a You Tube video above the stage. He made excuses for his silence during the boos, as did the rest, but he at least appeared bothered by his excuses. In 20/20 hindsight he may have taken his mic and said something about the boos, even if speaking out of turn. Maybe not having done so didn’t sit well with him. You could see it in his eyes. It worked out for him, the silence, because he pulled off a huge upset a few days later, winning the Florida Straw Poll.
That Straw Poll has a big place in GOP nomination history. No GOP candidate has EVER won the Party’s nomination without winning that particular straw poll. If history sticks to that, meet your 2012 GOP Presidential candidate, Herman Cain!
Surely now Rick Perry’s candidacy should be all but over. Bye-bye Rick. He was supposed to win that straw poll. And he failed. Badly. Then, a Texas newspaper article came out recently about Rick Perry’s family hunting ranch, “Nigger Rock.” Not only was the rock visibly labeled “Nigger Rock,” the gate was labeled “Nigger Rock,” and did so for long after the Perry family acquired it. About 1984, the name was painted over, but you can still see the letters through the paint job.
Herman Cain became honestly livid when he became aware of this and how reluctant the Perrys were disavow the name of their hunting grounds. He was blunt as he spoke. He did not hide in silence. He spoke about all the injustice behind that “vile” word. Poor Herman. He wound up having to apologize to Rick Perry as everyone suddenly forgot about the healthcare heroics of the 1990s which helped make healthcare as unaffordable as it is today.

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