America of The Future

Intoducing SupraNaturl! Your Wilderness Experience!
For immediate release
All U.S. National Parks, forests and wilderness areas have been consolidated by Congress and Emperor Perry and merged not into an umbrella agency of the government, but instead, a private company to better serve you, the hardly-working American People. Introducing SupraNaturl®, the ultimate American wilderness experience™! Become a Gold User[sm] today and get Advance Booking [sm] to all campgrounds at no extra charge with 1 complimentary bear attack rescue. Other packages available. We warmly welcome you to SupraNaturl, the ultimate American wilderness experience™!
This just in!
SupraNaturl® to add Half Dome casino in 2024! Next year, subscribers of our camping and gaming package, WilderWin[sm], will have an exciting destination beginning 2024 when the Half Dome Gaming Chalet, a rustic, remote, state-of-the-art remote operated gaming casino, opens! Gamers will ascend the cables and get 12 complimentary tokens and 3 cocktails from the dispenser and many happy winners will descend back down. You’re welcome! SupraNaturl®, the ultimate American wilderness experience™.
This just in!
New Roller Coaster to be installed at Arches National Park just in time for the 2026 Steroid Games®, the Olympiad where steroid use is allowed. Chief Sandstone™ welcomes you and your family to the most outrageously fun roller coaster ride ever built near Steroid Olympic City: The Ute™, part of our Outdoor Thrills Deluxe Package[sm], this 12.5 mile ride include 7 corkscrews and rockets you and your screaming family right through the Arch. Simply take the Vegas and Salt Lake speed train (The Deseret Crusader) to Arches Station and the tram will take you there!

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