9/1: September Fool’s Day

Heyyy, it’s finally over! September Fool’s Day! 9/1 on the calendar. I had a fun and productive September Fool’s Day, full of little mishaps. It started yesterday just after midnight, coming home, there was a mess of broken bottles all over the road – drove right over it – crunching under my tires – dodged most of it. I think my balding tires avoided a puncture.
I came home to find President Obama in a real goof, over a speech his supporters, like me, have really high hopes for. We need to get a REAL stimulus off the ground, and for that spending to result in actual, tangible construction activity in a big way. The magical answer: create an infrastructure bank. Like all his ideas, it’s nothing new. Just an old bipartisan idea that’s time to shine would not be better than now. It faces stiff opposition by the “make him fail” Republican crowd elected to Congress. Worse, these Republicans represent an aging population that no longer is working – they don’t even need a stimulus – it does nothing for them. They are set.
Those of us still working, of working age – we need a stimulus. We need good roads and a future infrastructure the economy will run off of. Plus, I’d like to have speed trains whisking me to and from San Francisco, preferably while I can still ably negotiate trains stations. The weaker this President gets, the less chance of anything like that happening. And the September Fool’s Day gaffe certainly seems to indicate the wheels have fallen off the jalopy that is the Obama Administration.
I headed back to work – after my sleep and my car was indicating 1/4 tank of gas remaining. Only I know that that is as low as the fuel gage reads. So, 1/4 tank is basically “E”. As I headed into downtown Fresno, the engine started hesitating and finally died after a mile or so of that. I flipped through by cards looking for Triple AAA – I did not have my AAA card. So I got out of the car, walked down the freeway, down an offramp, down to Belmont Avenue by the Express Bar, over to the Valero gas station, bought a gas can, filled it with 2 gallons and trudged back up to my car on the freeway, while calling into work that I would be late.
There was something wrong with this gas can I had. The funnel had this vapor trapper on it – something new required by law. It had a lock, a spring. Problem was, I had no idea how to deploy attach it to the can. I had no way to get the gas from the can to the car. First I tried to gush it into the tank from out of the gas can without using the spout, but too much of the gas, like all of it, splashed back, onto me, on the freeway’s shoulder, cars and semis roaring by. Next I tried a big Gulp cup, but the cup was losing all the gas before I could tip into the gashole, or whatever it’s called.
Next, I folded the Big Gulp cup and now most but not all the gas was going into the tank. I proceeded to fill it that way, and by the time I finished (took about 15 minutes), I reeked of gasoline. Or the new scent “Hugo Chávez” by Valero di Texas.
Started up the car, went on into work, had a productive day.
Happy September Fool’s Day!

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