Save Yokohl Valley!

Save Yokohl Valley!

IMGP8024 Leaving Highway 198, for Yokohl Valley Drive, on our way to Balch Park

IMGP8024 Leaving Highway 198, for Yokohl Valley Drive, on our way to Balch Park

In winter it’s green here, the grasses sweet and full of life! This the lower Mediterranean climate, which has a very hot, very dry summer and a mild and wet winter. These grasses are born after the first winter rain, mature, go the seed in spring and die just as the hot and dry season sets in. The mediterranean climate can be found only in five places around the world: Chile Valle Central, southwestern Australia, South Africa, California and the Mediterranean region.
A lot of these grasses fill my backyard when the winter rains hit, leading to a mess of dead grasses come summer. But if you stand out in the hot sun and watch all that goes on in these dead grasses, it’s amazing all the insects living off the stalks – and the birds come to feed on the insects. The yard is alive with tons of birds tweeting every summer morning… until we get around to clearing the grass. Then they disappear! No yummy bugs for them!
Ahead up in the mountains is a forest fire, the Lion Fire. For information on the lion fire: The fire is helping to create the cumulonimbus clouds closest to the foreground, a phenomenon known as Pyrocumulus and Pryrocumulonimbus. For more info on pyrocumulus and pyrocumulonimbus:

The clouds in back are from a rich flow of southwestern US and northern Mexican monsoon moisture. For info on the monsoons of the desert southwest of the USA and northern Mexico see:

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