FIFA Women’s World Cup 2011 Final

Hey everybody, the big game is tomorrow! The FIRST TIME the USA Women have made it back to the World Cup Final since 1999! Game starts 8:45 PM their time, so that I think is 10:45 AM Pacific USA time! (11:45 AM mountain) (12:45 PM central) (1:15 PM eastern) – I’m REALLY bad at math and could easily be off.
especially for that time I gave for Eastern! Their time = Germany

Olé Olé Olé Olé USA! USA! Olé Olé Olé Olé USA! USA! The last time we made it to the final, we were the host country. Here we are, doing it in Germany. My Soccer heart is pounding!!

Please don’t miss the Women’s World Cup Soccer Final, starting now, on ESPN (why on cable? – British Open I think is on ABC) – also online for free at – USA vs. Japan
This is the 9th quadrennial* Women’s World Cup. I expect Japan to be very surprising, just as they’ve been the entire tournament. They are playing for the victims of the earthquake and mega-tsunami – they really are – the rteam even has victims of the nuclear disaster on it. Japan has never made it past quarterfinals before. This time, they knocked off Germany, the 3 time defending champs, the host country! *that’s a guess because I’m not sure

The USA enters this final a side with lots of WWC HERstory, as it has three Women’s World Cup trophies, according to the television announcer. I thought we just had the 1, from 1999. Shows how much I know.

Hey, Carmageddoners*, shut off your motors, set your vehicles’ parking brakes, climb down the freeway embankment to the barrio below, find a cantina, have them put on the FIFA World Cup 2011 Final (Championship) game! *Carmageddon was the potential for massive traffic jams in LA while the 405 was shut down for improvements over the weekend. The 405 carries huge amounts of weekend traffic, and is the most travelled road on earth (the Internet says that honor actually belongs to I-95).

No kidding, right now in Japan, as their team fights off a relentless US attack in extra time, the sun is rising. Land of the rising sun! It’s okay, right now in the USA, somewhere, an eagle is soaring, thanks to environmentalists who got DDT banned! WHOA! WHATTAGOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL​LL!!!!!!! USA up by one goal in extra time. The Eagle soars for victory! It’s what we do. Now Japan is attacking goal (very skillfully), with desperate urgency, looking for their only chance to win – get a tie and send it to shootout. USA defense collapses, then collapses again, and Japan not in position. The goal was completely open. Third try’s the charm – Japan got their equalizer – score one for the rising sun, rising and getting brighter! Game tied again! The eagle lets out a plaintive screech that bounces off the Purple Mountain’s Majesty. Suddenly, USA fast break! Nothing but net in front! But no! Big tackle just outside the penalty box by Japan! Goal scoring opportunity denied! Red card to Japan! 1st time ever in a World Cup final! Two mins left to win it. 2 mins to retake that lead and the win!

Truly one of sports’ most dramatic events coming up – a Women’s FIFA World Cup final shootout. Japan has never beaten the United States in 22 meetings. United States has never missed a shootout goal in its World Cup history, I assume in either the men’s or women’s. That’s what the announcer just said. We just missed our 1st shootout goal. We just missed our second. We just mised our third. Okay, I’m going to stop counting.

Congrats Japan — that was a very USA-like comeback. Actually, it was even more convincing than a typical USA comeback. To me, that’s a compliment. USA soccer is heart attack “how did they win that game” soccer. Really, how did Japan manage to win that game?

Japan held onto a tie with a brilliantly risky goal scoring opp denial, for which they got red-carded. — If it were any other country I’d be screaming bloody murder right now.

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