Stimulus for Main Street

I have to applaud Barack Obama today! What he did recently was in effect a stimulus aimed at Main Street when he ordered oil releases from the Oil Reserve. Gasoline prices dropped as a result, and that spurred a surge in Fourth of July weekend plans, in which vacationers took money to small towns and outposts all over America, places hit hard by the recession.
Which begs a question about oil. There is another reserve of oil we have (I’m sure it’s there, exactly as they say), in the middle of Alaska’s large protected wildlife refuge. Why don’t we tap that to give the oil-based economy another breath of life? We just saw what a stimulus a small reserved oil release can be. Now make that a stimulus that goes on for 20 years.
Because once you lose something forever, you cannot get it back. “You wouldn’t believe what used to be here,” we’ll tell grandkids about the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge, “But you can’t see that. It was destroyed forever.”
There is a way around having to drill Alaska for future stimulus. (There is a way around having to accept an economy suffering at the hands of Saudi dictators half a world away who are withholding oil production to keep prices high to oppose President Obama’s stance that the Jasmine Revolution in the Arab world, that began with the Tunisian Uprising of January 2011, means the Muslim region’s kings and dictators must step down and allow for democracy and human rights.)
There is also a way to have stimulus right now despite high gas prices: develop green technology. Eventually the reduction on demand for fossil energy will ease up, and immediately the green economy will create jobs, starting with solar panel installers.

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