Liberals To Recall Jerry Brown

The rejected budget was sent right back to Governor Brown’s desk, and he signed it. The Republicans weren’t willing to balance the budget by raising taxes, the Democrats not willing to do so by cutting more programs. There’s no more room for give and take. Nor can each side “agree” on what should be cut, as each side has completely different value sets. Consideration for raising taxes for now is impossible. The conservative members of the State Legislature have enough members so chosen by the people to prevent a 2/3 consensus required to raise, modify or create taxes.

Facebook group:

Liberals to Recall Jerry Brown
To determine whether there is enough support to Recall Governor Jerry Brown.
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Liberal idiots, back down. This man is finally standing up to your ineptitude. He’s Old School – He is from the glorious old days when the democrats were real. He has never in his life signed into law the kind of trash you just put on his desk! BRAVO JERRY BROWN FOR THAT VETO LIBERALS ARE UP IN ARMS OVER!!

No more “progress” at the cost of real change. We have to sleep in the bed we made – no taxes can be raised without a 2/3 majority, a stupid law that must be changed. Now go get that 2/3 majority to raise the taxes or else just cut more from the state budget. It’s TIME to work on the level. No games. And do something about that damn 2/3 majority requirement.

Bravo JERRY BROWN. Now THAT’S a change I can believe in! You are so refreshing!

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