In a Huell Howser Mood

Sometimes I just get into a Huell Howser mood! Remember the one where he’s admiring a windy beach, there admiring the same beach is a migrant family that can speak some broken English, he puts them on camera and interviews them — they are all smiles! Been here about 3 days, the trip up from Mexico was nice, they like California –it’s bueno–, just HILARIOUS – and totally real.
I’ve run into migrants in state parks and beaches myself – very nice folks. They were camping by the Sacramento River in Castle Crags, on their way to the apple harvest in Washington State, getting there any way they can, penniless, traveling and living in a way that can best be described as like hitchhikers, hippies.
That moment was in his Road Trip series, and that particular series is full of the funniest moments. Remember the elkburgers episode? He’s sees “elkburgers” on a sign and turns around to run, only after after interviewing this roadside restaurant owner about all his beautiful elk, which Huell spied from off US 101 near Ukiah! How about the one where he sees what he thinks is an authentic old mill in gold rush country that’s on the lot of a private motor home campground. Turns out the proprietor built it himself about 5 years ago out of old wood, but then the guy gets to talking about his life – a veteran of two wars, a whole career, a marriage, and this was yet the latest phase of his long life. They talk about his dog – a dog of a variety really rare, then a cat wanders by, Huell starts asking him about the cat. “Oh, that’s just some cat,” the man replies without passion. I was rolling on the floor in laughter.
You just have to watch enough Huell Howser and soon you’ll be laughing at stuff like that!

Clip: Huell Howser at Mexico border. Note this video was posted by a right-wing detractor of Huell Howser, but it’s hard to find his videos online, so this will have to do for now.

Huell Howser visits the Bagdad Cafe! CLASSIC!!

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