P6080012 – Dave’s Weather Report

After the storm – valley dries out – the whole valley was drenched, not just one locale. About once every ten years an event like this happens in a June.
Now the valley air is drier with each passing day and the excess water vapor is carried off with profound efficiency in the breeze from the coast, which soon will be cut off by the annual arrival of the Mexican High which turns inland California hot and dry. The breeze is waning with each passing day as the mercury creeps higher. It’s sad to see order restored and a renegade climate regime kicked out.
Summer’s here! Let the annual Sierra snowmelt begin! Flood warnings are up for the Sierras starting Friday!
Well not super rare. Once every 10 (?) years an East Valley line on convection clouds forms in an early summer night and dumps rainfall for several hours. The source of the water is usually a late Pacific storm, which leaves behind the moisture over a wide area of Central Calif. The valley inland heats up as sea breeze carries remaining excess moisture inland and in the “gutter” of the east valley next to the sierra a line of thunderstorms is formed one night. That excess moisture left on the ground then evaporates, is carried off, and it’s done. Just one of the ways wet season likes to end its run sometimes.

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