More Fans for the Oakland Raiders, more funds for Church Missions

By court order about 46,000 inmates must be released or transferred out of California prisons to alleviate overcrowding because for 20 years now we’ve been choosing prisons over education for the poorest children. As they fail in life, so do we. Because we had a choice. We could have chosen education over exacerbation of social problems. A neighborhood getting plagued by crime activity is a poor environment for a developing mind, and that’s why we need to use education to reduce the influence of bad environments. The gangs and hustlers prey on the at-risk, and so should we — except we have a higher purpose. Our cities, even our towns, are the battleground between good and evil. A great public school, with great teachers, is our weapon of choice. Imagine what steering at risk children toward education will do. It will create entrepreneurs and inventors, inspirers and employers instead of economically damaging criminals. That will lead to more money in the missions fund at the local church, more fans in the seats of Raiders games (among other things)! Do you have hope? If you have hope, lets band together and take our country back from the criminals who break into our homes, gangs and other scum who steal the minds of children, criminal bankers who impoverish us with bad loans to make a profit and who bankrupt our country by needing a bailout. Let’s save some lives and save our country!

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