IMGP2179- The Southern Sierra from FAT

The Southern Sierra always offers a gorgeous vista. They march from north to south, starting from northern calif — trying to find out where — it would be near the last Cascade volcano, Mt. Lassen — terminating their run at Techachapi Pass. They are home to the Mother Lode gold vein, the Giant Sequoia forest, steep and very deep canyons, glacially-carved u-shaped valleys, very tall waterfalls, granite domes, Yosemite National Park and Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Park and Monument, top out around 14,400 feet somewhere in the range of this photo. People from all walks of life and the most distant locations travel to sightsee, hike or climb in this magnificent mountain range, and much of it is public lands with very relaxed use restrictions, while other parts are classified pristine wilderness, and you can’t even bring a bike into it because it is considered a mechanical device — and mechanical devices the last I checked are also denied to the disabled. All who enter must posses a permit — and report their itinerary. Very strict. I’ve heard of people getting denied a permit and entering anyway, but permit denial means the area is maxed out, and if you support the idea of wilderness areas, then you would honor that.

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