May 9 Evening Thunderstorm – P5090020

These storms rapidly whipped up, threw down some precision downdrafts that sent a trailer or two on the freeway airborne, cracked a few bolts on some people although there were none where I was, and pelted a few with some nickel size hail!

Normally bone dry in this climate region by the end of April, a weather pattern like last year’s seems on us again. Wonder what’s going in Alaska right now, because of what happened last year? Last year’s late rains were part of a long, circuitous major upper air current that went Utah-Alberta, Alberta-Yukon, Yukon-Alaska, Alaska-North Pacific, North Pacific-California, California-Utah. After traveling north over land and over mountains into Alaska, the wind was hot and dry and Alaska had forest fires. After traveling south and over cold seas, California had snow and rain. Don’t know if the wind route is the same as last year, but there’s talk of reopening ski resorts here as they once again have full coverage on all runs.

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