Bill Maher’s Thought Provoking Remarks

In the round of opinions following Bin Laden’s death, or any significant political event, Bill Maher’s opinion is always one of the most anticipated. One thing you know is he will never be conventional, nor a bore.

He said he was surprised any Christians were seen celebrating or rejoicing in Bin Laden’s death because they claim to be following Jesus toward Heaven, and therefore a Christian would be against or at least unconcerned about a nation carrying out vengeance for an act of war against it. Therefore chants of USA USA USA by people who call themselves Christian made no sense. He’d like to consider Bin Laden’s assassination a victory over religion, since religion would not tolerate it, and also since Bin Laden was a religious leader who used religion to justify violence. Bill Maher welcomes ex-Christians to reality and away from the 2000 year old nutty teachings of some douche with long hair.

However, his argument made me wonder if maybe we should be more religious, less nationalistic.

By the same standard, the attacks of 9/11 were also against the religious teachings of Muslims. What concern does Allah have with the USA? Bin Laden cannot be a Muslim, because the Koran condemns Jihad very specifically. A Muslim should also devote her/his time to Allah and considers using Allah to justify Jihad as an abomination. I cannot remember where I saw the passage, but I did see that passage quoted from the Koran. Therefore when the USA killed Bin Laden to avenge 9/11, it was not a victory over religion, but rather a victory for religion, since the act of abomination was apparently punished by God. Other than that, his argument makes religion look pretty good by making atheism sound like a refuge for the bloodthirsty and vengeful here on Earth.

Eh, it was funny. Bill’s commentary can be seen here:
Good ol’ Earth. What a place.

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