Happy Easter!

“Dude, where’d you put the body?”
“I’m looking! I know I put him somewhere here.”
“Dude I thought I told you specifically to keep an eye on this one. He’s a BLEEEP BLEEP’N INFIDEL!”
“Okay, calm down.”
“Which one you’re looking for?”
“Hebrew 125. Butterfingers over here lost it.”
“125’s over here. He’s a homemaker from Hebron who hopes to use his winnings to open his own chain of fish resaurants. Meet Jeff…”
“I’m sorry, Hebrew 122.”
“As you can see, that’s one’s missing.”
“No shit. He just didn’t get up and walk away. You better find him or your ass is grass!”
“A Zombie infidel. Niiice.”
“People, step back, there’s nothing to see here.”
“Who are they?”
“Oh, members of another damn cult!”
“Huh! Which one is this?”
“Judas! C’mere! You know anything about this?”
“Just that it was a parasite to our society! However, if you read my book…”
“STEP BACK, people!”
“OKAY, INFIDELS! You hold back any im-formation, we’re doing to the same thing to you that we did to him. I want to know …who …here … took the body of ahh 120 121… Hebrew 122!”
“Sir, ‘is naim is Jeezis! An’ you woont fin’ dim ‘ere! Nobody ‘azz ‘im, for he has risen!”
“YEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAH””Whistle!” “Woof! Woof! Woof!”
“Detain that crazed woman with the funny accent.”
“Me naym ez Mehree. Yaz kin kill us all, but yuz ain’t gittin inta hebbin! ‘Ezz a Martyr! Da son a God!”
“He’s a commoner, you damn culthead!”
“Yeah, everyone knows only Kings can do that.”
“Yeah! Damn straight!”
“Whoever heard of a commoner rising?”
“Yeah, or being immaculately conceived.”
“Is McDavid’s still serving breakfast?”
“You guys going for break? I gotta put away my nails. Wait for me!”

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