Hurry Up and get here, Pentax K-5

While I wait for UPS to show up with my new camera, I decided to enjoy some short test videos!

The K-5 is decently fast, although the speed king in this price range is Canon’s EOS 7D.

And here’s how well the Pentax K-5 does with the “rolling shutter effect” – with CMOS sensor-equipped cameras, there’s a lag from top to bottom during video capture. You don’t get the clean kind of pan you get from using film or a different kind of sensor. As the camera pans, objects sway like a cake of made of of Jell-o™ Brand Gelatin Dessert™! The Pentax K-5 exhibits relatively little of the effect, but it is still there. Run the clip twice, you’ll really notice it the second time. Hey, there’s pluses and minuses with every kind of system – and the ones that are perfect – they cost in the multiples of thousands. Seen the prices for dedicated digital movie cameras??
Testing the rolling shutter effect of the new Pentax K-5.
Lens: 18-135mm

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