Nuclear Accidents: Mildly Entertaining, Highly Inconvenient

Update 1
NUCLEAR vs. FOSSIL FUELS: CHOOSE ONE, or go solar-wind
Perspective 1: Coal mining in China kills more people in a year than Chernobyl did in 25 years.
Perspective 2: But if the nuclear disaster proceedes to meltdown combined with wind towards Tokyo, more people will die than in 25 years of Chinese coal mining.
Rebuttal by perspective 1: That’s an overstatement. There will be mass evacuations, saving lives, and later for most areas the danger will pass.

Original post
One microscopic particle of plutonium is so deadly, you’ll be dead in three years or less of inhaling just one itty-bitty speck along with all the millions of other aerosols your lungs handle in an ordinary day of breathing, like arsenic from a typical pile of Fresno-area grape vine twigs set ablaze rather than recycled for compost. That’s why nuclear accidents are so inconvenient. Annoying pro-nuclear types downplay nuclear plant safety concerns with tech talk about rod construction and often develop a hard on while doing so (women, it is noted, can develop much-desired firmer, larger breasts while discussing the topic), but don’t be impressed by the talk.
Nuclear is a one crazy way to generate electricity, as there is no such thing as an ordinary nuclear accident. Officials often refer to “pressure releases” as an “accident,” assigning it an “incident number” because it released radioactive particles into the public, but that is actually just an ordinary, routine part of operating a nuclear power plant, not an accident. Besides, escaped plutonium is not what gets released from ordinary, routine accidents. Those releases involve radioactive particles that are far less deadly, probably won’t give anyone all that much cancer.
Accidents, truly accidental incidents of accidental incidence, are more along the lines of Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Fukishima.
For a while, we got the mother lode of news entertainment. While thousands died and the completely destroyed American-made General Electric nuclear power plant continued to burn, the story got boring and Americans had to move on. We have band practice, yard chores. We don’t have time for a Japanese nuclear disaster. But you can order your potassium iodide pills here. And I can’t believe this wimpy plant construction is that of G.E., because American engineering cuts costs and maintains the highest quality, like the McDonnell-Douglas DC-10 and the Ford Pinto. And may I point out that the GE tape recorder I had in elementary school was indestructible, and their CB and Ham Radios were the best you could buy in the 1970s, when Fukishima was built. Hands down the best. Put your hands down. Stop raising your hand or I’ll have you arrested.
There is no way to burn your fireplace on a still winter night in the Central Valley’s notorious air temperature inversion layer without choking the whole neighborhood, and no way to generate electricity without severely impacting the environment, but nuclear has to be the craziest way to do it of them all.

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