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Update – it’s also available as MP3 from

Song “If Trouble Was Money”, written by Albert Collins, sung live by Franke Kelly.
Heard on this program “KPFA Music Dept. Showcase” via KFCF Free Speech Radio in Fresno, CA. 88.1 FM
The CD is available here

Captured part of a radio broadcast on my camera and it contained an awesome song that went “If Trouble Was Money” being performed live. Whenever I grab a piece of a song like this, I can usually track it down, and that’s part of the adventure of listening to listener-sponsored radio, a broadcast that would be unavailable in Fresno if it weren’t for a band of radical activists protesting the Vietnam War on college campuses as part of the Free Speech Movement in California that spread from Berkeley and briefly and memorably raised a ruckus at the Fresno State campus, including bombing the computer lab.
The conservative Fresno establishment came down hard on the individuals who did that and treated the protests themselves as an affront to the small town values of loyalty and duty to country Fresnans cherish. But there still is a “Free Speech Area” at Fresno State the movement established on the campus and a foundation still in operation today.
The movement when it spread to Fresno resulted in the establishment of the Fresno Free College Foundation, who acquired a community radio broadcast frequency at 88.1. The call letters are KFCF. They have local shows and otherwise affiliate with Pacifica Radio in Berkeley, through the common linkage of the Free Speech Movement in California. It is programming through sheer luck I get to enjoy today way out here in Fresno, California, a place where otherwise no radio station of its sort can be found. Travel across America, the rural areas only have NPR, if even that can be pulled in. Maybe they can get a college radio station that plays a small portion of NPR content. Otherwise, you get country, farm report, conservative talk and Christian rock.

The Deejay announced right before her smokin’ set of city blues her name was “Urvasha.” Which turned up no hits as she spells it Avotcja! *banging head on desk* – but i still had many leads to pursue.
The lead singer also announces the names of the musicians and what instrument they were playing during the course of the performance.
It sounded like Bob Gray, drums, Mark Hassima Williams, bass, Steve Heckman, Sax, Dee Spencer on piano. I guessed the correct spelling of the names of two of the musicians! The lead singer doesn’t announce herself – you already are supposed to know that. You’re in the audience, listening to her show!
Through the lead of Steve Heckman, sax, I found the recording’s wherabouts oin the web.
The actual spellings turned out to be… Franke Kelly, vocals, Dee Spencer, Piano, Mark “Heshima” Williams, bass, Zim Bob Braye, Drums, Steve Heckman, Saxophones, Yancie Taylor, Vibraphones.
Google search of lyric “If Trouble Was Money” turned up the song is written by Albert Collins, a Chicago Blues legend.
Another lead is time of day and what channel. Luckily I listen to this station all the time and they post a fairly detailed schedule of what they air, plus archives and playlists! Playlists are required if music is streamed over the internet so royalties can go to the song authors.
Despite this, many DJs at KPFA never bother to post their playlist – and offer somewhat cryptic readouts of what was just heard. Some are too enthusiastic, reading the liner notes as well! Some are too brief, coming off as smug, like if you don’t know the music already, you aren’t the target audience. Others have undecipherable accents, others forget. But USUALLY you will be given the clues you needed to find the dang recording yourself, IF you recorded what you heard off the air.
KPFA offers a 16k stream of what they play, if you can take the sound quality. NO WAIT. They now offer a high quality stream that sounds much better (see sidebar at this link).

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