DSLR – Canon or Nikon?

Hands-on with the Nikon D7000 DSLR camera, available now at Costco in a kit box with everything you need to get started on a new photography adventure. In the video embedded below, we see great artwork on a van, hot models, classic muscle cars, superb backdrops and spectacular artificial and natural lighting situations photographed from great angles, edited together with music you just might want to go buy.
All to show off what this “entry-level” DSLR can possibly do in your hands! An affordable DSLR is what Pros in fact use when they go out into the desert or ride in convertibles down dusty roads. If you drop it, you’re not out three grand.
The D700’s video doesn’t beat the video on a Canon DSLR, but it’s perfect for web videos. Canon’s autofocus is not as good, nor is its color, and for my “sudden moments,” the Canons aren’t as fast in this price range. The Nikon D7000 can burst 6 photos a second of, say, a drag performer sashaying across the stage. So goodbye getting just one photo and wishing for luck. Now you stand a chance of having everything come together in a photo – facial expression, unobscured legs, glittering pumps, in just the right order. We’re talking fewer crestfallen moments when a blur here or a sudden face turn there ruin the shot.
I did like the Canon EOS Rebel T2i, which is also at Costco. It was light and the viewfinder is easy to see through, with great video capture. But if I’m going DSLR, I can’t sacrifice speed and color quality. But with either camera I will have too eek out an existence for now with a kit lens.
The lenses used in this video must cost quite a bit (I have no idea what good “glass” costs)! Probably more than quite. Everyone tells me when I get the pictures home, they will still lack the sheen of Nikon’s professional lenses, the best in the business. Which what the pros use. The pros do it for a living. I’m a hobbyist.
For now, I need to focus on learning the art of photography and live without getting that perfect lens flare out of the desert sun and live with the not-so-spectacular one the kit lens will get me.

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  1. Good article, wish if i can put my hands on such a cam soon.


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