The War for Libya

Awesome interview on Russia’s English language news channel, Russia Today (RT). Russia’s envoy to NATO, Dmitry Rogozin, thinks Gaddafi’s forces are still honestly loyal and special forces involvement of the west (UK and France) is why they haven’t overrun the rebels. Al Jazeera, Revolution TV for the Arab world, says the rebels have the support of everyone in Libya and Gaddafi’s units are afraid or refusing to fight and that’s why the Rebels are still strong. US News channels and wire services are repeating stories about how the rebels are losing to superior firepower, but as this Russian envoy asks, where’s this great annihilation? France and BBC say the situation is dire or about to be and invasion is needed. UK forces were recently caught landing on Libyan shores, an item that made the American news briefly. The explanation is it was a failed rescue attempt. The Russian envoy doesn’t buy that explanation. So much interest – Libya must have a lot of oil!

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