JON HUNTSMAN, JR: “Just join in the fun!”

Jon Huntsman, Jr. is currently serving as U.S. Ambassador to China. He was previously a governor of Utah, a member of the Republican Party in the United States. He is the leading contender in the early going to run against Barack Obama in 2012 for President of the United States with the Republican Party.

This is a viral YouTube video, with comment popups providing translation. “‘Jasmine Revolution in China’? Epic Fail! American Ambassador got owned(02.20.2011,Beijing)”

“The United States Ambassador to China, Republican Nomination for the 2012 presidential election, Jon Huntsman, Jr. was CAUGHT in Beijing while instigating and kept close watching on the process of so-called ‘Jasmine revolution in China’.” –description of video, translation.

This post corrects and enhances the original I made 4 days ago.

Young Chinese loyalists (smart enough to blur themselves out of the video) surround and embarrass U.S. Ambassador to China (John Huntsman, Jr., former Governor of Utah) for attending a “Jasmine Revolution” rally supporting government reform, democracy, freedom and human rights, inspired by Tunisia’s Jasmine Revolution of January, 2011, and of course those who died the night of June 4, 1989, in Tiananmen Square. Not suspecting the young men were loyalists, he actually invites them “just join in the fun” in Mandarin. A rather queer thing to say, to say the least. I guess to Republicans, democracy is about the fun. Also, no sweat off HIS back – he’s protected by a diplomatic passport from harm, at least by the police.
Realizing the men are hostile, he shuts down his friendly demeanor and his security decides he had better leave – because the men who approached may not understand the meaning of “diplomatic immunity.” This occurred on Feb. 20, in the midst of Egypt’s popular uprising, and similar rallies have continued to be called and grow stronger in number in the days hence, according to the most steadfast U.S. propaganda channels (CNN, Fox, ABC News).

But many Chinese support the police crackdown on dissidence and insurgency, and question whether China needs democracy. They question American motives as well.

Most comments against the “dogs” who are organizing these rallies don’t want China to be sent back to the days of scant food and no prosperity. The stability since June 4, 1989, the night of the crackdown that ended the Democracy Uprising, has brought enormous amounts of prosperity to China. If conditions in China continue to improve, the people could one day see a mature form of capitalism as was experienced in the United States in the mid-20th Century, where the majority of workers enjoyed benefits such as medical, paid time off and a retirement pension.

The days of deep poverty in China are so recent, the majority of Chinese still save every Yuan they earn, fearing one day, they may lose access to their sources of income in the new capitalist economy. They want stability and economic growth. They aren’t interested in freedom right now. Others are loyal to the Communist Revolution, remember it a heroic period of Chinese history, and don’t want any elements that are antagonistic towards the socialist vision from taking down the government of the Party. Others simply take great umbrage to any American participation, whether they support reform or not. What business is it of America to destabilize China? Do they want China to remain poor? There’s plenty of reasonable suspicion if you are Chinese.

Interest in seeing the fall of the regime that slaughtered thousands in one night for demanding freedom (official figures unavailable, Red Cross originally said they counted about 2,600 in the days after the massacre, but then dropped the effort to count and denied the figure) and executed many more in the years since, has faded.
This is an article regarding the dropped effort to count the victims or trace the fate of the wanted for treason one year after the massacre:,9171,970278,00.html

The young man standing in front of the tanks. His name was known, but not his fate. Considering the mood at the time in China, execution is the most likely fate.

The You Tube video post is by is user named fukgm, which I think means exactly as it sounds, “F*ck G.M.” General Motors has a large presence in China.


Have the determination and support you, dry out and die those who undermine the peaceful and stable development of China’s dog hybrids.


就是!同感。这些狗汉奸才是中国民主的最大障碍。看过一些80年 代的小品电影,里面的评论,反映的现实决定是辛辣的,用现在的观 点看。当时的民主气氛可比现在浓多了。可就是这些狗杂种傻B在美 国资助下弄什么89学运,后果是中国民主倒退了。倒退了就倒退了 ,而他妈的这些杂种跑美国,硬生生的把民运分子恶搞成汉奸分子。 我靠!
Is! Share. These dogs are the traitors the biggest obstacle to democracy in China. Seen some 80’s comedy film, which comments reflect the reality of the decision is spicy, with the present point of view. Democratic atmosphere was much more concentrated than now. May be that these silly bastards get B funding from what the United States 89, the student movement, the result is a regression of democracy in China. Backwards on the back, while fuck these hybrids to run the United States, religious ties spoof of the pro-democracy movement as traitors. I rely on!





民主你美国人的妹啊…民主…我请问你,埃及暴动,中国派 包机去接回我国侨民和游客还送吃的喝的连韩国人都没吃的…, 利比亚暴动,海陆空派人去撤回在利比亚的侨民…如果美国人有 天侵入我中华,谁会来救我们?上帝?做你的美梦去吧,民主不是他 妈的闹事…老子不喜欢共产党也不喜欢美国式民主,但是如果非 要选择一个的话,我肯定会选共产党,不为别的因为他们至少是中国 人!!!操你妈的美国佬!!!打仗的时候老子就是拼了命也要他妈 杀几个美国杂种!!!!
American democracy, your sister … ah … I ask you of democracy, Egypt, riots, China sent a charter flight back to our nationals and visitors to pick up food and drink even made South Koreans did not even eat …, Libya riots , sea and air sent to the withdrawal of the Libyan nationals in one day … If the Americans invaded my Chinese, who will save us? God? Do your dreams go, democracy is not a fucking trouble … I do not like the Communist Party do not like American-style democracy, but if you have to choose one, I definitely would choose the Communist Party, not for anything else because they at least is People! ! ! Fuck the Yankees! ! ! The war, when I was working like mad to kill his mother but also several U.S. bastards! ! ! !


有些所谓JY,bkc,果粉,民煮人士,有时候我不知道怎么说你 们好。这么多年了,我对你们的印象每况愈下。本来刚开始我对你们 有那么一丝好感,但通过这么一些年所见所闻,我硬生生被你们恶心 成自带干粮的五毛~莫怪我有时候批评你们~麻烦你们尊重一下别人 的智商和自己的智商好不好?什么玩意啊。惟恐天下不乱、打民主之 名行苟且之事、烂泥扶不上墙、扶不起的阿斗这就是我对你们的印象 。怪只怪你们不争气、不明事理、好坏不分、脱离实际,你就不能好 好地做本分的事情,为了所谓民主为所欲为吗?
Some of the so-called JY, bkc Fruit powder, the people who cook, and sometimes I do not know how to say Hello. So many years, I told you the impression that bad to worse. I had just started you have a trace of goodwill, but seen and heard by so few years, I abruptly was sick as your own ~ No wonder, then dry food for fifty cents, sometimes I criticize you ~ Sorry to bother you about other people’s intelligence and respect Their intelligence, OK? What the hell ah. Fear of the world into chaos, the line the name of democracy struggling to fight things, mud on the wall does not help, perennial losers This is my impression of you. You do not live up to expectations blame blame, the unreasonable one persists, regardless good or bad, divorced from reality, you can not do it well what is expected to do whatever they want so-called democracy?


Huntsman is behaving so naive, I really think his competitors will use this to prove he is not the right choice to be the next president. Besides, there were only around 20 real protesters, but attracted more than 100 foreign journalists and Huntsman, only because CNN announced on Feb 20’s night that there will be a protest in the front of Mc Donald’s and most Beijing citizens were shocked because they barely see so many foreign journalists occupying one spot. Bad work, CNN, you buried Huntsman.


Of course the Chinese people support democracy, but democracy is not prepared for reckless






Central Ukraine Ukraine in addition to the Chinese central authorities join in the fun + the number of plain clothes truly revolutionary it?

June Fourth can raise his flag when the good things that a socialist.

In addition to ignorance of the Chinese people is ignorance.

1000 Huntsman could not save China.

(June 4th is the anniv. of the Tiananmen Square Massacre)


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The rest of this Presentation is on You Tube

“Later, human rights groups identified the man as Wang Weilin, the 19-year-old son of a Beijing factory worker. Wang was reportedly arrested soon after his brave deed and accused of being a “counterrevolutionary, a traitor and a political hooligan” who attempted to subvert members of the army. Because of the severity of the charges, it was widely feared that he had been executed.

Read more:,9171,970278,00.html#ixzz1FO3AMMle

-original post-
Chinese security surround and embarrass U.S. Ambassador to China (John Huntsman, former Governor of Utah) for trying to attend a remembrance for the victims of the 1991 Tiananmen Square Massacre.

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