The Republican Enemies List /q/free+graphics +verticle+border/

PRIVATE SECTOR UNIONS. Almost eliminated through deregulation that permits private contracting and temporary hiring or through reorganization that closes one job and opens up same job elsewhere, often overseas.
ACORN. Inner city voter registration. Eliminated.
VOTER ENFRANCHISEMENT Using machines that can be adjusted to be very sensitive to errors on ballots or very tolerant of errors, in Florida, voters are DISenfranchised as they vote if they live in a poor neighborhood, where more of the ballots can be rejected by a machine set on high. They also enacted laws that make it possible to toss out entire batches of votes, because the machine found so many errors.
VOTER REGISTRATION Making it it harder to register first-time voters, a major source of Democratic votes, is very important to Republicans. Tricky deadlines, confusing rules, and having a name resembling somebody on the “cannot vote” list (ex-cons, dishonorable dischargees for example). Democratic Party strongholds are neighborhoods that have higher arrest rates and thus more names on the list.
PUBLIC SECTOR SERVICES. Public sector jobs turned into private sector jobs without a union at local, state and federal levels is a pension eliminated, creating more funds for tax cuts temporarily and best of all eliminates a money source for Democrats: public sector unions. California now has non-union private fire departments.
CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM Eliminated. Supreme Court Ruling unleashed top corporate warchests, 95% Republican or conservative campaign spending.
DEMOCRATIC-LEANING CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICTS. In Texas, 4 were eliminated through redistricting, using a campaign so dirty, a Republican went to jail for how he came up with the funds for the operation. It came down to a few Democrats holding up the Texas Legislature to pass the redistricting plan by fleeing the state. It prevented quorum. 1 Democrat caved, return, quorum was back, the measure passed.
PUBLIC SCHOOLS Replace public schools with charter schools. Puts teachers with pensions promised and teacher’s union membership out of work. Eliminates funding for Democrats, moderates, liberals.
PUBLIC SECTOR UNIONS can simply be outlawed by the jurisdiction they are under – no need to actually eliminate the schools. That is what is happening in Wisconsin. Two public occupations there, the police and firefighters, are not losing their unions. They give to the Republican Party.
THE WISCONSIN 14. 14 Democrats fled the State of Wisconsin to prevent a quorum. Only 1 Democrat has to break rank and return to Wisconsin, allowing quorum, and a vote to outlaw teachers unions will pass.
A FEELING OF WELCOME TO PARTICIPATE IN A DEMOCRACY In some parts of the country, near election time, intimidating billboards go up in poor neighborhoods warning residents of the perils of voting illegally. They warn of dire consequences, feature law enforcement emblems and images of handcuffs and jail cell bars with hands gripping them. Anyone who sees these billboards in a poor neighborhood is likely to find it wise to avoid voting just to avoid trouble.

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