Sports, Weather and Revolution on Al Jazeera!

Today’s stories on Al Jazeera English: should there still be a Nile TV (Egypt state-run TV)? They have gone pro-revolution to save their jobs. Several thousand still hold Tahrir Square due to no trust, but they number just a few thousand – the police went after them, with flowers (!) and gifts in exchange for leaving the square, and they were having none of it. Tunisian former ruling party refugees are flooding Italy; Italy declares humanitarian emergency. New Palestinian election coming up, Hamas have been rendered inviable through persecution, but putting up brave front, claiming to be boycotting it. Hamas never had a chance to govern Palestine. Mexico is more dangerous to journalists than Afghanistan. Huge demonstrations in Italy against Berlesconi – by liberals who demand women’s rights. In Italy, women are more educated than men, yet men are more employed, a stark contrast with the rest of Europe, where women are more highly employed. The World Cup of Cricket is coming up, some huge final for some sport is being played in Paris, the Super Bowl of British Premier League Soccer coming up soon, there’s some big Tennis tournament happening, and a golf tournament being followed by many. International observers of American TV are perplexed by the strong language being used on talk shows by republicans – they are convinced that the United States in a huge struggle with blood being shed in the streets. No, those who understand American politics explain, this is just how they speak. An amazing documentary about the roots of the Egyptian Revolution is running between news updates. It is about the April 6th Youth Movement and how they learned from Otpor, the Serbian Youth Movement that toppled Milosovich, how to overcome apathy and dropping out from the movement.

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