My facebooks, Nov. 11- Dec 25, part 1

My facebooks Nov. 11-Dec. 25 part 1

Youth Vote Does Not Show Up in the 2012 Midterm Election
If you voted when turned 18, you need to vote when you’re 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52,54, 56, 58, 60, 62, 64, 66, 68, 70, 72, 74, 76, 78 (oh, yeah, you’ll still be alive thanks to universal healthcare), 80, 82, 84, 86, 88, 90, 92, 94, 96, 98, 100 (glad you quit smoking?), 102, 104, 106, 108
Losing the Obama Youth Vote was like losing a generation. We must never let this happen again. I want a Democratic Party campaign for a lifetime commitment to voting, so long as you are a citizen of the United States, even if the votes don’t stay with the Party.

Letter to a whiny young Democrat by Mark Morford
“Do you deny it? Did you see the polls and studies that said that most fresh-faced, Obama-swooning Dems like you are now refusing to support our beloved Nazi Muslim president because he didn’t wish-fulfill your every whim in a week? That he was, in fact, not quite the instant-gratification SuperJesus of your (or rather, our) dreams?”

via Speaker Nancy Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi Video “It Gets Better”

She has a tough way of speaking. Is she too mean for you, America? The greatest Speaker of the House ever, Nancy Pelosi!

Daily Kos: Obama Didn’t Fold— More Huffington Crap!!
“I wish my fellow Kossacks would quit falling for this Huffington Post Crap!”
Wrong, Daily Krap: The starting point for negotiations is the old Clinton tax rates on any income over $250,000 and Same EGGTRRA +Obama cuts rates for all income under. The Huff article points out a complete cave-in is on the table.

Astronomy Corner!
The name of an indie folk-acoustic-electric group The Vega Star (not Vegastar, the French group) got me interested in Vega, star blue-white star, and acquainted me with anew word, asterism, the word for a recognizable star pattern. You have constellations, then you have asterisms. Anyway, Vega’s an interesting star with interesting neighbors.
I believe it’s that mega-bright bluish star in the Western summer evening sky that has you wondering if it’s an incoming plane!
The Vega Star, Third Brightest Star in the Sky
The Vega Star:

Not easy to find this band because there’s a more popular French band called Vegastar. Trust me. This album is GOOD!
Star of wonder, the magnificent Star Vega…

Star size comparision:

Bill paying day. You thought they called it payday because somebody paid you! No, no, no, no.

Chrome Dreams II – Neil Young – Pandora Internet Radio
OH my Golly! This CD is AWESOME! Neil Young’s “Chrome Dreams II” (2007)
Doe that mean I just like Neil Young? No, this is actually good. I’m serious!
What helps is the live recording is excellent, you really feel it coming through your speakers.
Here’s a fan video

George Bush Book ‘Decision Points’ Lifted Passages From Advisers’ Books
Surprise. Writes like he governed. Now we know why the wiretaps without due process — too lazy. At least tree sloths have to earn a living up in the trees.
The story held up after it came out. It was totally true.

I was REALLY into pop music in 1982! It was almost Madonna time, but not quite yet. But some of the other familiar faces of the early 80s ‘wave were there already. Both MJ and BS were 70s all the way, but you wouldn’t know it the way they hit with this wave as well.

Child Abuse Rate At Zero Percent In Lesbian Households, New Report Finds
Could it really be? Child abuse is not a males-only occupation. But easily males dominate the subgroup “child abusers.” Your best shot at coming up in the world is to be raised by Lesbians, I’d agree!
I “heart” Lesbians
Especially “Baby Dykes”! They’re the rough female equiv. of a “bear cub”

USPS sees $8.5 billion loss, warns Congress it’ll be broke by 2011
USPS losses are due to… you guessed it … Pensions, not the actual mail delivery service. It’s the same pension crisis the world over.

Growing backlash against TSA body scanners, pat-downs
Tuesdays at 8:30, Dave’s Telecom Network presents the new comedy “Scanners,” the hijinks of the TSA crew at “Baltinati Municipal Terminal.” (Fat lady comes out – kinky, red-bearded Ojay smiles at screen, she gives him the finger; Gina and Lateesh consider pranking Haley, the always-hungover regional commuter pilot). Scanners! Tuesdays on DTN.
UPDATE: and thus was my introduction to the TSA scanners story. Turns out the issue was being orchestrated professionally through a media content pushing agency at the behest of David Koch of Koch Industries.

Ponmon Anglesy Wales
Ponmon Anglesy Wales

McCain was used for delivering a major anti-Obama address to Indians just prior to President Obama’s arrival to Mumbai, India to poison the atmosphere for him! Unbelievable!

FE Editorial : Its business, not personal—It-s-business–not-personal/707925/
Why, didn’t you know, he’s “the top Senator” in the United States!

It is a beautiful evening in Fresno. Sunset’s glowing like embers. It is downright deliciously still and fresh. A gorgeous evening to play Nevada over at Bulldog Stadium tonight. We’re on ESPN tonight! Hope they practiced and added some necessary improvements to their game. Some new defenses, maybe?

Muffed catches and punting out of bounds – all the same dumb stuff that Fresno State did the last time I watched them play about 4 weeks ago!

Second half comment stream here. Another TD for Nevada, this time the giveaway was a kickoff out of bounds, which allows the receiving team to start on the 40 yard line. Just signs of lack of focus.

Robbie Rouse is solid.

The other guys lose their focus and give away the game.

Nevada is playing very smart right now. Excellent focus. They have total control of the game, even though for now, we have a lead.

Perfect 2nd half for Nevada.

Fresno State’s flashes of brilliance and streaks of total dumbness can’t win a football game. Nevada was steady and virtually mistake-free. The closer we got to victory, the dumber we got.

Cindy McCain campaigns against gay military ban – Collegenews.
Thank you for your support!

Pelosi: ‘We Didn’t Lose Because of Me’
Nancy Pelosi knows how important it is to use your power. What’s at stake? EVERYTHING. This is it. You want a fighter or a loser leading the charge against the Republican majority? As a Democrat, I see people like her come around once in a blue moon.

Cindy McCain Reverses Course On ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’
I see her as expressing earlier what she thought was “the right thing” morally, in terms wrong vs. right, and now expressing “the proper thing” politically, in terms of right vs. left, to not encourage success for Democrats.
I wouldn’t last a day in politics. I’d be a Dennis Kucinich, a person who would get on the wrong side politically time and again. This comment, once sent, is in the permanent record, so I could never run for a Democratic nomination myself, once I click the button. Going GOP would still be open, however. Just turn yourself into a big jerk!

Bush’s ‘Decision Points’ Is A Terrifying Journey Into the Authoritarian Mind
Article: “we need to study Decision Points (Crown, Nov. 9) seriously, as onerous a task as it may be, if we are to make sense of the perpetual aura of crisis that has enveloped America, and why we seem to be stuck on a self-destructive path.”

Watch: Young Gay Student Defends Teacher At School Board Meeting

Here’s quite a spin on the hottest protest song of the 60s, as only they could do it in the 60s!

This is an old article about one of the most trouble-causing Democrats the last two years. When your favorite desperately needed “Yes We Can!” proposals suddenly was a watered down sell-out after coming out of committee, here’s the culprit. Apropos she lost to a Tea Partier (Republican).
Melissa Bean: A Democrat Bankers Bank On

With White House Pressing, Reid Vows DADT Repeal Will Reach Senate Floor
Pelosi and the House have long ago passed the repeal. Reid, on the other hand, has a pile of bills on his desk and futzes with them, seemingly unable to focus on a single task at hand.
Update: Well, I’ll be… Sometime in December!

‎”Push Michael Moore Off A Cliff”: Health Insurance Whistleblower Wendell Potter Details How the Indu
“Push Michael Moore off a cliff:” the last-resort strategy to deal with the film “Sicko” had it become a hit like “Fahrenheit 911.” According to the whistleblower, the last resort strategy was not triggered due to low box office numbers.
by the way, it’s not meant literally – pushing off a cliff is a an unloading a ton of well-crafted defamatory stories until a person’s reputation is ruined with everyone, even supporters.

to be continued

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