The Storms of Late November and Early December: 10,11,12,13,14 and 15

A series of winter storm cyclones producing little rainfall on the San Joaquin valley basin floor, marched south to north, “up” the Pacific Coast of the USA, exactly the opposite direction of a series of very cold storms that dropped DOWN the Pacific Coast about 2 weeks ago. Those storms, 10, 11 and 12, of late November left the valley floor historically cold for a week in November, then the 13th storm brought in milder air from due west, but sadly very little rainfall. Now in early december come these comfortable mild storms from the south. Though the weather is very socked in with moisture and overcast, it is comfortable enough to stroll around Fresno today in shorts!

Then, on Sunday evening, the main cloud band from Storm 15 came ashore and crossed California in an almost perfect angle to the lengthwise shape of the state. The cloud band was very long, but not very thick, and unlike with major winter storms, did not offer multiple waves of precipitating cloud bands emanating from the same cyclonic center. So, the rain lasted only a few hours and was over. On the valley floor, maybe we got 4 tenths of an inch, if that.
At the southern end of the rain band, from Kern to Orange Counties, there were reports of thunderstorms.
Now, if only there was any more stormy weather being set up offshore. But, not now. The early December warm and mild storm weather pattern appears to be over just as soon as it had begun. I was sick as a dog during the cold storm weather pattern of mid to late November, so i didn’t get to chronicle the event as it unfolded. To sum up the cold storms, those who weren’t sick were treated to some rather prime snow weather all over California. The storms, while very cold, were not powerful enough to cause dangerous conditions for those who ventured into the mountains to enjoy!

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