Get Outta Here! There is Universal Healthcare IN INDIA?

An article on Wikipedia insists universal healthcare has been in place in India since 1983.

But this is news to me. India has a healthcare system that is 100% private care only at ground level, when you lower yourself from the lofty gas cloud of Indian laws. At best 1% of the population has enough personal wealth to enter a hospital or see a trained physician or nurse for treatment for any serious, life threatening malady. As far as coughs or chronic disease, like tuberculosis, there’s a town physician that may be affordable, but definitely not working for the government. Even religious and charity hospitals don’t accept walk-ins. It is typical in most parts of India to not have the amount needed to pay for treatment and for the family to take their sick family member home to bed to die.

But technically, it appears India has Universal Healthcare because it is Indian Law!
PURE bunk! Wikipedia maintains a world map of Universal healthcare, and India is colored solid green, a total insult to the the Unites States’ private healthcare system. It enjoys a “better color” than the United States, which is listed as “in transition!”

It could be typical corruption doesn’t allow it to reach most Indians. Or, as the article points out, since is it is administered at the local level, it may not be functional in rural districts but may be actually functional in big cities or in other Indian States or Districts.

In the rural places I’ve been to, nobody knows of a way to receive healthcare if they cannot afford a private-pay doctor. In Uttar Pradesh and Haryana, it is certainly not true. In Government-run operations in India, it’s typical for doctors to not be at their post, but instead found at their side private-pay practice even as they draw a paycheck to be at the state-funded hospital! This is typical of Indian government operations: It’s common to see schoolkids in government-run schools being dismissed from class about 11 in the morning. Well ahead of the official release time of 3 pm, because the teacher wants to take the rest of the day off.

So India is listed on Wikipedia as a Universal healthcare country. Let’s put it this way: India is supposed to no longer have a Caste System, either! But Caste is still on every government form and determines what you can be hired to do.

Psst! This is baloney!

When I look at Wikipedia’s list of Universal Healthcare countries, most of which let you die if you cannot afford a health insurance plan and have millions of their citizens without access to a regular system of healthcare, maybe I’m misunderstanding what is meant by the term “universal healthcare.” Perhaps I’m actually looking for a more specific system of healthcare, such as “social insurance” or “single payer,” two specific systems that some countries use to cover every person a citizen of a particular country or state within a country for any healthcare access, whether in need of prenatal care or cancer treatment. You may notice that Cuba is not listed as having a universal healthcare system, when clearly they do.

2.1.1 Argentina
2.1.2 Brazil
2.1.3 Canada
2.1.4 Colombia
2.1.5 Greenland
2.1.6 Mexico
2.1.7 Peru
2.1.8 Trinidad and Tobago
2.1.9 United States
2.2.1 Bhutan
2.2.2 Hong Kong
2.2.3 India
2.2.4 Israel
2.2.5 Macau
2.2.6 People’s Republic of China
2.2.7 Singapore
2.2.8 Taiwan (R.O.C.)
2.2.9 Thailand
2.3.1 Denmark
2.3.2 Finland
2.3.3 France
2.3.4 Germany
2.3.5 Ireland
2.3.6 Italy
2.3.7 Netherlands
2.3.8 Russia
2.3.9 Sweden
2.3.10 United Kingdom
2.4.1 Australia
2.4.2 New Zealand

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