Cheesy Olive Oil Toast

The Fresno State Alumni Association is collecting your original recipes for inclusion in the Alumni Cookbook. Now, I will not be submitting mine, fearing they’d actually publish it, rather than doing the right thing and say “REAL recipes, please!”
My only original is “Cheesey Olive Oil Toast!”
Take Oroweat Healthnut Bread (or a similarly dense dark and nutty bread), frozen, pour a little pool of EV olive oil atop the frozen slices (it doesn’t sink into the bread, for it is frozen!). Rub oregano and or basil crumbs into the olive oil. Slice double sharp cheddar atop (thinner=better). The bread cannot be allowed to thaw, so a cold college student’s apartment in winter is a perfect setting for making this. Toast in the broiler section of the oven for about 2 mins on flambé and retrieve the toasts just before they start burning and are, in fact, bubbly hot on the middle surface and golden toasty crostini crunchy on the edges. The bread by this point is thawed, toasty and supple, but the point at which you take the bread out of the broiler comes up suddenly. Do NOT be caught distracted! Pop open one of those “Natural Lights” and enjoy with marijuana (it’s legal now, right? NO? Okay then, skip that part) while watching sitcom reruns as the fog moves in. Ah, yeah. That’s the Fresno life!

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