My 2010 Midterm Election Coverage (Updated)

The new rainbow coalition… and it is not Liberal
Agreed, and kudos, Republican Party! You did more than kick our ass: you elected blacks and Hispanics to Congressional office! Anyone has the right, regardless of race, sex, creed or orientation, to be a conservative, to share convictions like: aggressive military posture, religious fundamentalism, gun rights, private healthcare, deregulation, privatization, selling off public wildlands, busting unions and no minimum wages.
“WE’RE ALL BIGOTS NOW!” by Ann Coulter.

Bill Maher speaks out against another failed Left Wing analysis of the current reality
He joins the recently-fired Keith Olberman in this opinion, by the way. What makes it fail is the use of a blatant “false equivalency.” This commentary from Bill Maher helps explain what is meant by false equivalency, a term from logic and argumentation 101 class.

The Car in the Ditch
I disagree that it’s very entertaining, or very convincing, and I’m quite sure it is not dead, unfortunately… but at least the Huffpost remix of “The Car in the Ditch” video is entertaining. “The Car in the Ditch” was Obama’s speech to get out the vote for Democrats during the midterms. By the end of the campaign, interest in hearing this speech had waned so badly, he couldn’t even fill up the places he was speaking half-way.

The mystery as to why California (along with some other isolated localities) did not participate in the Republican “tsunami”
I figured out why Democrats won in California. We had something to vote for. We didn’t turn out to elect a Blue Dog – we were given the choice of a real Democrat and out came a flood of voters. It was … a tsunami!

The Bush Tax Cuts extension to be taken up by the Lame Duck session
I hate taxes! I hate paying them as much as the next person, but I like…

Nanci Pelosi has lost her gavel. The Blue Dogs are trashing her as “washed up.”
Republican demonization should not stand WITHIN the Democratic caucus. Only Nanci Pelosi is capable and qualified to lead the Democratic Party in the House. She is hugely accomplished, Public Enemy No. 1. That’s my gal!

Gay support for Republicans doubled in the election.
No matter how people vote, I hope more people no matter what they are will be able to succeed in their lives. Politically, I’m on a mission to make it possible for as many ordinary folks as possible to find help getting over humps and having a chance to be amazing. Gay Voters’ Support For Republicans Nearly Doubled From 2008 link is to:

Getting best best of both worlds
Well, at least the things the right wing are mad at Obama about aren’t true: we’re recovering, the illegal alien traffic is way down, there’s no way Sharia Law is legal in the US (banning it with a ballot measure is like banning human-furniture marriage, as Stephen Colbert put it), taxes have been cut, major growth and recovery incentives have been put into place; the government’s role was critical, but obviously temporary. As for providing needed health services without a takeover of the private sector, children of poor parents is something the private sector was not handling anyway.

Bracing for a huge loss.
“… within the last 12 hours I’ve spoken to two top Democratic consultants … told me that they thought the Democrats could lose 70 seats on Tuesday. That would be a blowout of historic proportions.” – Howard Fineman, Huffpost

Might as well get started early: The John Boehner Booze Watch

Get out and vote Tuesday. Don’t sit this one out.

This Google Gadget helps anyone find where they vote!
(Note: it’s off now, but will be ready for the next election)

Can you vote?
Find out. You may be surprised, even if you haven’t registered yet. Some states let you register at the polling place on election day! Find out more about voting, being a poll worker, registering, voting early, voting absentee and more. Go to :

Your Ballot
Who’s on your ballot? What’s on your ballot? It’s fun! It’s easy! It’s BALLOTPEDIA

Voting absentee is the new trend.
I always thought the best place to go to get yourself signed for absentee is your own local registrar, but here’s a web site where you can do it I guess…

Fox Did It!
They’ve been telling you who won today’s election for months. How convenient! You didn’t even have to vote! All you have to do is let Fox News call the shots for you. Life in America is more convenient than ever!
There’s a compelling argument Fox had nothing to do with it, that Fox only reports the news and you decide. In a situation as we are in now, Fox News feeds people the programming that, shall we say, hits the spot.

I’m a Democratic Base. I’m Supposed to stay at home.
In your face, Fox News, I voted! And in your face to that leftist troll who kept telling me not to vote as well.
I say FOX, but every news channel and Huff Post was reporting the Democratic Base is unmotivated.

Sharron’s Angle was right, but she couldn’t get a read on Reid!
Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid defeated Tea Partier Sharron Angle in Nevada 50% to 45%.

But the big news is Republican House Victory – one of the largest defeats in U.S. History – here’s the victorious House Speaker-Elect

Californians Defeat Prop 23! Onward to A Clean Energy Future!
The Margin of victory was impressive, but not supermajority (not required, by the way)
61% NO 39% YES

The Bush Tax Cuts are set to expire soon.
If the lame duck Congress cannot return taxes to Clinton level for the top 2% of all income earners and retain the low rates for the middle class, the issue gets kicked off to the new Republican Congress and chalked up as another official Obama failure while taxes go back up for everyone and the gov’t shuts down. It’s what we voted for!
Or is it?
We may have also have voted for Obama to come out of his shell and fight the Republicans. Put things in their faces and dare them to keep up their game. If Obama comes out and fights, he will win the hearts of the people.
But still…
How much is going to get done?

Boxer WINS!
One of the most unpopular lefties running for office this year Barbara Boxer. I mean, don’t tell that to her fans, who border on cult worship, but Boxer’s stand is very clear and she doesn’t back down. She is known to be difficult to work with, unwilling to compromise, one of the farthest-left mainstream big-time politicians. Would it get her thrown out? In re-electing Boxer under current conditions, California really bucked the national trend.
Her opponent was Carly Fiorina, one of the two billionaire women spending their own money to win their races.

California, Nevada and Oregon
bucked the national “throw the bums out” trend and also leaned heavily progressive instead of going conservative. I say despite our rep as being a liberal state, we shocked the Republicans in the midterms. Just shocked them.


Pass The Bong And Watch Fox And Friends!
Two counties in California that went for Meg Whitman also voted in favor of Prop 19! Mono (Eastern California, Nevada border) and San Luis Obispo (Central Coast). SLO, both races came out really close, but in Mono there was no contest. DEFINITELY Meg Whitman, DEFINITELY legalize weed!

California Proposition results

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