Is it already time to give up the Top 2% tax increase?

Well, just a couple of weeks left of the Democratic Congress and America is home-free. We’re Lame Ducks now. But my spirits and hope were high that even though we lost, we were at least for right things. Like the Top 2% tax hike. Well, cancel that.
Not sure if this is true, but it looks like it is: Obama’s now for extending ALL the Bush tax cuts 10 more years. I was convinced that income $250,000 a year or less should be taxed at the lower Bush rates to provide middle class tax relief, but that income above ought to go back to the normal pre-Bush rates. I know it seems unfair to tax the rich but not the middle class, but the reason for that is not to “stick it to the man.” It’s what it looks like, it’s what it probably is, but it’s not the reason. It’s to lower the deficit, to stop cutting public sector jobs, projects and services. And run a war. It would be more fair if everyone’s taxes went up or nobody’s did, but not raising taxes on the middle class in this economy is a simple act of mercy. It’s an acknowledgment that not all is well out there in middle class land.

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