PA230026 Zombie Pub Crawl in Fresno’s Tower District

This is a photo I took and posted to Flickr myself. I am niiicedave.
This wonderful old building was nearly destroyed by its last owner in a bid to get insurance money for a lost investment. The fuse burned out before it got to the gas soaked door and ignited the gas soaked room as cops watched the whole thing – they were tipped off. Poor building was on its own at least until the Fire Dept could get there – the cops were there to document a crime then make an arrest, not save a building. It’s a great place! The Landmark, a Basque restaurant that has been in business a very long at various locations of the downtown Fresno area moved in. First annual Fresno Zombie Pub Crawl took place the evening of Saturday, October 23, 2010! Weather: breezy with cloud cover, intermittant very light sprinkles and full moon occasionally showing through the night sky.

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  1. Axel Prose

     /  October 28, 2010


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