Sean Bielat vs. Barney Frank – Massachusetts Congressional district races 2010

Barney Frank could take his opponent, a runt named Sean Beilat, down in any debate. It would be a bloodbath. But it wouldn’t matter. In this midterm election, dumb is in. Big time. That’s because all the stupid smart people aren’t voting. Hey idiot smart people – you like seeing Obama risk his life trying to get you interested in this constitutionally mandated election? I wonder – I really wonder. The minute he takes himself back to the safety of the White House, the smart idiots start saying they’re changing their mind again, and the idiot intellectually superior Obama base starts thinking more about shopping than voting. “Oh, the Republicans are so stupid” they whine. “Why can’t his country get it right?” they moan. “I hate following politics because hate and race-baiting is all you see,” they sing out. There is no reason in hell this guy should be ahead in the polls and in fundraising, except that WE, the intellectually-superior, smart Obama base voters aren’t paying any attention.

Sean Bielat Compares Gays To Short People.

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