George W. Bush Failures and Successes

GW Bush initiatives I hated: tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, loosen definition of torture, start the Iraq War, the dirty energy bill, bill to clear-cut forests (didn’t pass), tax breaks for buying gas guzzlers (part of dirty energy bill I think), drilling Alaska (didn’t pass), walking out on Kyoto, privatizing social security (didn’t pass), privatizing Medicare, no fed $$ for stem cell research, statements against gay marriage, replacing federal judges with one with political agendas. I liked: his fake idea funding for faith based organizations (hated how he cynically used it just to get votes – imagine what good that could have done), statements against Islamiphobia, money for treating AIDS in poor countries (hated how that money was used to enforce stringent morality – countries who accepted the money could not promote a socially liberal agenda; e.g., condom use), stopping the Liberian Civil War.

George W. Bush Reveals His Biggest Failure Was Not Privatizing Social Security.

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